3 Reasons for Businesses to Use Aerial Photography

Whether you wish to capture stunning artistic shots or take pictures for your business, there are many reasons to capture aerial images using a drone. Here are three reasons businesses may want to use aerial photography Crystal Lake, IL.

Display Entire Property

A real estate firm may wish to hire a drone to capture aerial shots so they can provide potential clients with views of rural properties. If they have interested parties from out of the area interested in a farm, ranch or other rural property, the drone can be used to take photographs of the entire area. The agents can then send the photographs or video to people who may be interested in buying it.

Show Scale of Features

If a contractor needs to know the scale of a feature on a property, aerial photography can be used to take images of it. For instance, if you’re thinking of replacing an inground pool, you can have images taken of the one you have now, along with the rest of the yard, to show contractors when asking for bids on the project. They can then check the scale and give you a more accurate estimate prior to visiting your property.

Search Properties

A rescue unit can use drones to take images of rural areas to search for people who may be missing. They can cover more area quicker than they could on foot and advise teams on the ground if they spot anything worth checking out. Farmers or ranchers could also check on their livestock who may be several acres from the house by using a drone to send back aerial videos or images.

There are many business uses for aerial photography, especially for real estate and construction companies. However, other types of businesses could use it as well to save time and money.