Advertising and peer review specifications for advanced vacuum technologists

This is a brief introduction to newcomers in the advanced vacuum and coating (VCT) design, manufacture and distribution processes. These newcomers may not necessarily be learners or apprenticeship seekers – they are, of course, included here – but could well include current practitioners who are seeking an outlet, a better vehicle, at least, to make it known to other stakeholders that they have something positive to contribute within the realm of advanced vacuum technology.

In other words, these newcomers need to advertise. Because most advertising material is being distributed online, an accomplished and experienced publisher in the online tech space will be required. Of benefit to the newcomer will be the fact that the publisher’s staff complement of editors, writers, copywriters and researchers include practitioners who have had a degree of exposure to the VCT industry.

So knowledge remains a powerful reservoir. This is the result of extensive industry experience that has witnessed technology evolutions and advancements. The publisher’s website generally comprises anything between twenty to thirty percent of advertising material. Alongside of that, current peer review articles are chronologically listed. Papers that go back years but remain necessary for information and educational purposes are effectively archived.

While there is always a need to keep subjectivized material in context, the inclusion of technical jargon cannot always be avoided. But it is at least minimized and every effort is made by the publisher and its staff to provide online reading material and processing in as user friendly manner as possible.  This is, of course, not just confined to pure reading. It will and must include the ability to download required materials and reach out to potential business partners and technology collaborators.

All of this ensures that business and recruitment opportunities are never lost.