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          monoammonium phosphate

          code 7722-76-1
          standard GB 10205-2009
          chemical formula NH4H2PO4
          formula weight
          shape White powder or granule
          effect:Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a kind of very good flame retardant, fire extinguishing agent, flame retardant is widely used for wood, paper, fabric, fiber processing and dye industry of dispersant, enamel glaze agent, chelating agent, dry powder fire retardant coating, moreover can also be used as a feed additives, pharmaceuticals and printing industry has used, also used as a high-grade fertilizer, in the food industry is also used as a leavening agent, dough regulator, yeast nutrients, brewing fermentation additives and nutrition enhancer, etc
          storage:Inside the plastic outside, PE, tons of bags, bags of 25 kg net each, 50 kg, 1000 kg/bag. Stored in ventilated dry place.
          1, using the method of neutralization, neutralization, liquid ammonia and phosphoric acid solution and product by filtration, concentration, cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, a quick finished product after drying. 2, the ground phosphate rock (pulp) reaction with sulfuric acid, reaction slurry for solid-liquid separation, dilute phosphoric acid by wet method. Dilute phosphoric acid after concentrated phosphoric acid was obtained. Liquid ammonia neutralization reaction with concentrated phosphoric acid, the reaction slurry after multiple effect once or twice (3) concentrated extracting thick liquid on returns on granulation, and then after drying, screening and cooling process was finished.

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