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          calcium nitrate

          code 10124-37-5
          standard HG/T 3787-2005
          chemical formula Ca(NO3)2
          formula weight 236.15
          shape Transparent white monoclinic crystal
          effect:Calcium nitrate is a kind of typical rapid effect of foliar fertilizer, it can be applied more smoothly to acidic soil, fertilizer, calcium can counteract acidity in the soil. For the regeneration of the winter crop fertilizer, grain (qualitative) additional after fertilization, fertilization of alfalfa growth, depletion of sugar beet, fodder beet, poppy, corn and green feed mixture and effective elimination of additional fertilizer plant calcium nutritional deficiencies, especially convenient.
          storage:25 kg, 50 kg in plastic woven bags outside packing. Sealed, moisture, dry warehouse.
          Using nitric acid and calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate reaction can be obtained the goods.

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