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          Why choose youren?

          Resource:   we have abundant resource reserve of phosphorus minerals.
          Technology:   we master the 3 main types of phosphates production process. Hot process, wet process, and purified wet process.

          Logistics:  we have professional warehouse for storage and transportation nearby the port yard.

          QC:   we have strict surveillance system of quality control during the whole transit from our factory to customers’ hand.

          Financial service:   we can offer short-term financial support to customers those who have a financial strain.
          Tradition:   since 1990, we have never changed our mind in developing water soluble fertilizer.

          LATEST NEWS

          price trend

          K: domestic potash market continues to horizontal finishing. Port offer maintain prophase, white Russia, 2100-2120 yuan/ton, grain, 2080-2150 yua...

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          TEL: 0838-8266805 FAX: 0838-2303128
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