Ensuring that all bio, engineering and electrical hazards are avoided

If you are a business owner that is conducting manufacturing and/or construction processes on your premises, you should be fully aware of the requirement to ensure that all potential hazards are avoided at all costs. This is interesting – at all costs – it suggests that not only are you mandated to have good risk management programs in place and to abide by state and federal legislation, you are keeping your cost containments in place.

Any severe loss or damage that occurs due to any of the following; bio, engineering and electrical hazards can be quite costly to your business, sometimes to the tune of millions. You will also find that even if you have supportive insurance and/or reinsurance vehicles in place, you are not always ensured of being compensated in full. While cleanup operations are underway and costly repairs are being conducted, insurance assessors or inspectors can detect so-called fault lines which insurance companies will swiftly use to penalize you by rejecting or reducing your loss of damage estimates.

If you have good risk management programs and good housekeeping procedures intact, this is commendable, but remains all very well if you don’t have qualified engineering inspectors contracted to assist your business. For instance, engineering professionals will be conducting an arc flash hazard analysis to determine the amount of energy that is generally flowing during an arc flash incident. Such qualified inspections undoubtedly ensure that both premises and staff, as well as contractors and clients are not dangerously or harmfully compromised.

To make sure that all bases are covered and you incur little or no losses in the future do make an effort to consult an engineering professional who can help tailor a risk management plan closely aligned to insurance provisos and legislative requirements.